Client Experience

No matter which level your Sontré Practitioner is, minimally Sontré Level 2: Novice Practitioner, take great comfort in knowing that they have been well trained in the Energetic Healing Arts and well versed in the theories, assessments and techniques specific for their certified level of achievement.  Sontré students are taught and trained with well-established and certified Teachers that requires years of education and practice.  If your Sontré Practitioner concludes that you and your situation(s) are better suited with a more advanced level Practitioner, you will be referred on.

The Sontré Practitioners make themselves available by a number of ways: social media, websites, flyers, public events like health fairs, to mention a few.  Contact the Sontré Practitioner that you have been Guided to and let them know when you are available, for example “Tuesdays – Fridays after 5pm and all day on Saturdays.”  If you are not talking with them directly and have sent an e-mail, please try again if you haven’t heard from them in a few days.  Dr Fine gets a lot of requests and sometimes the e-mails get buried amongst others or sent to “spam” folder instead.  If your Practitioner has a website, they usually have a calendar that lists when and where they are having their events, sometimes private and sometimes public.  Some do “out calls” (they will travel to you), but this may need some extra attention if they will be traveling long distances. 

Once you are with your Sontré Practitioner, you will have some forms to fill out.  Next your Practitioner will assess your Energy as in flows in, through and around your body by a number of ways.  Your session will include Sontré Techniques that are aligned with your Energetic presentation.  Your Provider may have you stand, sit or lay down.  You will be informed on what and why they are doing what they are doing.  Depending on the situation, you may even be asked to participate, for example, calling out your name or asked to think of a certain color.  Your Sontré Therapy may include Lights and/or Sounds of specific frequencies.  If you are ever uncomfortable, just let your Practitioner know.  There usual are metaphysical and/or metaphoric messages along with client education before, during and after your sessions.

After your Sontré Session is complete, your Practitioner will be honored to schedule your next session or will send you off with Sontré Love, Light & Compassion until you need their Sontré Gifts again. 

Please keep in mind that Sontré Practitioners do not assess, diagnose, treat, release nor practice medicine of any kind, unless your Sontré Practitioner is also board certified in the traditional medical professions.   In that case, they are to abide lawfully by both their board licensure of said scope of practice and in concert with Sontré Global certification requirements. Each Sontré Practitioner has signed agreements not to practice outside of their scope of practice.  If you question the validity of a Sontré Practitioner’s certifications, contact Sontré Global.

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