Photo Gallery

Dr Fine meditating in Sedona, AZ. Look at all the Energetic Beings with him!
Dr Fine working on SGM Gretchen! Notice the big white orb over her.
The, then, SM Tammy, Rick & Gretchen getting ready for the Sontré Grand-Master Class to begin at the Sontré House! THEY ARE AWESOME!!! YEP, ORBS!
SGM Tammy receiving her Sontré Grand-Master certificate from Dr Fine!
SGM Gretchen receiving her Sontré Grand-Master certificate from Dr Fine!
SGM Rick receiving her Sontré Grand-Master certificate from Dr Fine!
SGM Gretchen & SGM Vicktoria visit a Sontré 1 Class to share their experiences and answer questions.
A beautiful White Elephant tapestry gift from SNP Rebecca. Dr Fine, LOVES IT!!!
Dr Fine in the Sontré Booth at a Metaphysical Fair.
SGM Gretchen & SGM Vicktoria in the Sontré Booth, ready to BLESS EVERYONE!
Dr Fine connects as SGM Vicktoria holds space. SONTRÉ POWERS IGNITE!
SGM Gretchen informing her client what she will be doing and what he can expect. SHE IS AWESOME!
SGM Gretchen connecting with her Client.
Dr Fine calls SGM Tammy & SGM Rick the “DYNAMIC DUO!” Why? Because they are amazing when working alone with a client, but together . . . WOW WOW WOW!!! As SGM Rick always says, “Good things are a happenin’!”
What a beautiful and Peaceful Booth SGM Tammy & SGM Rick created at this event!
Dr Fine being a very proud teacher to his SGM students at an event. Plus, the event was put on by SGM Gretchen. WIN-WIN!!
SGM Victoria is with Dr Fine at the Amma Ashram, near Chicago. Why? To get hugged by the Hugging Saint, Amma (pictured). Dr Fine had a special experience with Amma. Ask him about it sometime.
SNP Danielle & SGM Vicktoria eating with Dr Fine while at the Amma Ashram. SNP Danielle volunteered to work in the kitchen and enjoyed meeting people from all over. Dr Fine was SO proud of her!
Dr Fine, SGM Vicktoria & SNP Danielle just arriving at the Amma Ashram, just outside of Chicago. SGM Vicktoria donated her brand, new car for the trek. It is now known as the Sontré Bus. BLESSINGS TO SGM VICKTORIA!!!
Sontré 1 Students: Debbie, Wayland & Danielle. WECOME TO THE SONTRÉ FAMILY!
Sontré 1 student Michael writing one of his Sontré 30-Day Journal entries, which he was a PRO at. Dr Fine says that it is like reading the Lord of the Rings – AWESOME! He is a walking library of metaphysical knowledge!
SNP Ewa. She may be little but WOW, is she a POWERHOUSE!!! We are so proud that she is a part of our Sontré Family!!!
SNP Danielle & SNP Rebecca, just completed their Sontré 2 Class and receiving their attunement by Dr Fine. Notice the Energy around them. Of course Dr Fine thinks they are AWESOME!!!
SGM, ST1 Gretchen. She is the first student to have completed the Sontré T1 , the 1st of 3 Instructor classes. FYI: She is one of the original student, from the 1st Sontré Class Dr Fine taught (SGM Rick & SGM Tammy too). No wonder she is AWESOME!
SNP Danielle scanning SGM Vicktoria. Thank you SGM Vicktoria for volunteering so the students can practice!
SNP Rebecca “riding the wave” of SGM Vicktoria.
Sontré 1 students Rhea, Heather & Ashley just after their attunement. Usually Dr Fine is so busy talking that he forgets to take class photos. We are glad he got to with these awesome ladies!
SMP Mariah eager to work with people at this event. THANKS Rebecca for loaning us the backdrop, and of course, your gift of the elephant tapestry!
SGM-T1 Gretchen ready to BLESS & HEAL EVERYONE! SGM Vicktoria also worked at the Sontré booth at this event too.
Sontré 2 certificates to: SNP Sahib, SNP Nicole, SNP Josh & SNP Karyn! THEY ARE READY, ARE YOU?
We always have THE BEST VEGAN FOOD at the Sontré House!
Grand-Master Mariah Bailey!
Grand-Master Mariah Bailey!

Dr Fine & Grand-Master Mariah Bailey! He has great Faith that she came to Bless ALL!

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