History of Sontré

Ever since Dr Fine was a child, he was very sensitive to Energy.  Like most children with these Gifts, it scared him, especially when sensing the presents of Beings with Energy vibrations other than that of a living human (ghosts, Angels, Ascended Masters, etc).  But as he grew with age and experiences, he finally embraced his Gifts and opened to the Spiritual Guidance of how to use them to help others whether it be to deliver messages (Channeling), to telekinetically moving Energy (Martial Arts).

After a number of years of working in the traditional medicine, he was Guided back to his earlier days of his Spiritual/Vibrational Gifts, and eventually left medicine.  Once that took place, he was very strongly moved to take a Reiki class.  During the Level 1 & 2 Reiki attunement, Sontré, his White Elephant came to him and asked, “We have been waiting for you, ARE YOU READY?”  While Dr Fine, practiced Reiki, he found himself doing techniques beyond his Reiki training to the point of even being asked not to return to a Reiki Share group because, “I don’t know what you are doing, but it isn’t Reiki.”  Saddened, Dr Fine went to 2 different Spiritual Channels that told him that what he was doing was a modality that he is also to teach others and Sontré, the name of his White Elephant Animal Guide, was to be the name of the new modality.  He even went to a well-known psychic that told him that he was Channeling into this realm something that was very powerful to bless the next 10 generations.  If you ever get the opportunity to visit with Dr Fine, his stories of his journey and experiences are truly AWE-some!  And he LOVES hearing your stories too!

After receiving all those messages, and a number of others, he went to stay with his friends in Sedona, AZ to pray and meditate on “Sontré.”  It was there that KaHotep, his Master-Guide, and Archangels Raphael and Gabriel all worked with him on how to teach the classes and how to attune the students to the post 2012, Divine, Multidimensional Energies of Sontré.  It was not long after that he taught his very first Sontré 1: Healer, Heal Thyself Class.

After a few years, Dr Fine saw that it was important to develop Sontré Global as the governing body of the modality to keep it as pure as it was Channeled to him.  Many students and clients have said it has changed their lives, a new way of living.  So, it is with great Sontré Love, Light & Compassion, we offer you Sontré! 

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