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Dr Rich Fine

Dr. Fine has always been involved in some sort of profession that promotes the acts or intentions of assisting others to their maximum potential. He first reached a Masters level of Cosmetology and worked as an educator for international companies. Being a two- time Martial Arts Grand Champion and Instructor, he learned to work with and manipulate Chi/Ki/Prana (energy) within himself and then others and objects. As a premedical student, he earned respect for his literature research in Psychoneuroimmunology (the mind-body-immune triad) and experimental research in the effect of heat/vibration on the bindability of an antitumor drug that lineates bent, tumor-causative DNA. After a number of years in surgery and critical care medicine, Mr. Fine decided to dedicate his scientific and healing mind to the alternative/complementary medical model. After studying Eastern philosophy, metaphysics, and quantum physics, he became a Reiki Master Teacher and trained in other mind-body modalities that work with the energy, vibrations, and the psyche to aide in the ultimate mind, body & spiritual health. He is also a gifted Psychic (since childhood), Channel, and Psychic Surgeon. Dr. Fine has been affirmed by 6 Master Guides and a number of psychics as a “Seer, Healer & Channel” with very ancient and powerful modalities.

“It is my goal to grow in my God-given gifts and skills so that I can help others. I accept the fact that while I was created by God to be a seer, healer, and channel, it is the Guided Energy of God and your willingness to receive and claim the treatments that creates a ‘success.’ I find the ‘magic’ to be filled with logic and science. For it is logic and science, along with your Spirit Guides, my Spirit Guides and God that directs my psyche forward for the betterment of my clients, myself, and humanity as a whole. I give thanks each and every day for these God-created talents. I am truly blessed.

It is important for people to know and understand that I am NOT a medical doctor, nor do I want to be. My honorary doctorate degree is in Divinity (Spiritual Studies) AND I have earned the Doctoral Level of SONTRE’ GRAND-MASTER as a METAPHYSICIAN. Even though I come from a very extensive science & medical background and now work with medical professionals, I DO NOT practice ‘medicine’ in any way. What I work with is the energy of a person, object, or situation.

With Sontre’ LOVE & LIGHT, 

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