Sontré Education

Sontré is the newest, most powerful Energetic Healing modality since Reiki that includes all lifetimes, lifecycles in all dimensions.  It is comprised of 5 general levels, a doctoral level, 3 animal levels, an animal doctoral level (includes teaching for all Animal Sontré) and 3 instructional levels that teach Levels 1-5.  Level 1 is for everyone, and is the prerequisite for the following levels – the building blocks to the other levels.  Levels 2 – 5 are expansions of each prior level , with additional, new theory and advanced techniques for certified practitioners to work on other people, places and things.  In order to be accepted in the Sontré Doctoral Level, a Grand-Master certification must be achieved.  To be eligible for Animal Sontré 1, each student must have achieved a minimum of a Practitioner Level 3 certification.  To be eligible to teach Sontré, levels 1-5, each Practitioner must be, at a minimum, a Master Practitioner.  See the Sontré Education link for a description, prerequisites and fees for each level.

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