Sontré Metaphysician Doctorate

* Sontré Metaphysical Doctorate

Not only are you a very skilled Sontre’ Practitioner, you will be a certified Metaphysican. Your doctoral status will be well earned, especially after completing and defending your case review before the Sontre’ Global Panel. This is a range from Level I to the day 1 to the certification of Sontre’ Grand-Master Practitioner. You will also work with an adviser and presenting a Sontre’ Thesis of a predetermined research topic.

  • You must have successfully completed Sontré Level V to apply for acceptance.
  • You must successfully complete the education and training set forth by Sontre’ Global for certification
  • $2,100 (you may be asked to pay a nonrefundable deposit to secure your seat with a due date and balance that must be paid prior to the beginning of the class) 
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