Student Experience

Most people that were Divinely created to be Energy Workers, Light Workers, Healers, etc, have had a collective sense of being Guided to expand their Divine Work in concert with the Multiverse Expansion of 2012.  For the Sontré Students, this is common place – their story.  Students say that they feel that all that they have done in their lives has brought them to this point.  One of the Grand-Masters was even told by a great Healer & Channel from another country, who has never met Dr Fine, to take “Sontré.”  She had never heard of it.  Once back in the USA, she attended a few of Dr Fine’s events and even completed Sontré level 1 and then realized that she was actually in the what she was Guided to do a number of years prior.

Dr Fine always begins his classes by letting the students know that he feels very honored that the students have answered their Divine Call.  They are actually living their beliefs, which is rare and something he takes very seriously.

The common thread that runs through incoming and advancing Sontré Students and Practitioners is an internal pull that has driven them to this point. You sense things about people and are compelled to help.  You have passion, compassion, and you feel other people’s, and animals’, pain.  You most likely have people, even strangers, telling you all about their lives.  You might even, somehow, feel that you have a message that you must give someone or you feel like you might burst.  And when you don’t, it pesters you.  Now, in this post 2012 expanded Energy, it is even greater than ever before!

Dr Fine has even gone as far as saying, “I don’t want people taking Sontré if they have not been Divinely Guided to take it.  Please know that this isn’t out of arrogance, but out of LOVE for Sontré, the Students and Practitioners, and his dedication to those who are stepping forward with their “I AM” for the 1st time. 

Usually the Sontré Classes are announced in e-mails, texts and social media.  You can also e-mail via the link on this site and ask when is the next Sontré 1: Healer Heal Thyself class.  Make sure that you contact the Sontré Teacher advertising the class and pay the deposit (by the due date) to hold your spot.  Sorry, there are no “walk-in” situations for any of the classes.  Once you have paid your deposit, a seat will be saved for you and your Sontré Teacher will send you all the information of what you need to do before the class, what to wear to the class (all white), what to bring, and the times and location. 

Some of the Levels require a Sontré Commitment after the class before you are considered eligible for the certificate and to be eligible to advance to the next level when you are Guided to take it.  For example, Sontré 1: Healer Heal Thyself requires a 30-day Sontré Commitment.  During these days, you have daily requirements to be achieved and a journal entry that must be e-mailed to your Sontré Teacher by a designated time the following day.  This does require a dedication of time and effort that you can start the Commitment within 6 months after your class.  For some students, Level 1 is the only level that they are Guided to take – to Heal themselves and are not required to the Sontré 1 30-Day Commitment, but it is required to advance to the next level in order to work on other people.

This is where Sontré is different from some other modalities.  Simply put: Level 1 is for you and you only.  If you are Guided to work with other people, animals, places and things, you can stop at any level above level 2 (different for animals) and do AWESOME Divine work!  But, ever since Dr Fine began teaching Sontré, students and Practitioners that are to advance will have signs and symbols come to them to let them know that they are being Called to move on the next level.  For example, one of the original Grand-Masters thought that she would not continue past Master Level; she was doing amazing work already.  Then she called Dr Fine after a very powerful meditation that she felt compelled to share with him.  They both agreed, it was a sign that she was being Called to the Grand-Master Level.  She is doing GREAT, MIRACULOUS things now!!!

The Doctoral levels of Sontré are different that the prior levels.  They are more individualized and require a lot more.  The Practitioners that are on track for this level usually have some medical science classes completed before the class begins.  This is not a 2-day class, yet one-on-one meetings with Dr Fine and can take months to complete, ending with a Sontré Board Review of their cases and a number of other requirements that are given to them along the way.  The same with the Animal Doctoral Sontré.  For example, one of the Sontré Doctoral students in a Nurse Practitioner and another student that feel compelled to work her way towards this level has already earned a PhD and teaches medical sciences.

Dr Fine plans on continuing to have special events for the Sontré Practitioners that include Clinics and special occasion parties.  A Sontré Clinic Day is a day that every Sontré Practitioner is invited to come and work on clients, like a big event.  Dr Fine and some of the advanced practitioners will see a few clients, but will walk around and assist other Practitioners to sharpen their skills.  This is great for clients and for the Practitioners!

Dr Fine has had Sontré Holiday Parties in the past and want to continue and maybe add a couple other occasions to get together for fellowship.  At the last Holiday Party, there was GREAT food (Vegan, of course), fellowship, a few massage tables for people to work on each other if they wanted, a BIG raffle with really cool prizes and Dr Fine and Grand-Master Rick did Sontré Telekinetic Psychic Surgery on Dr Fine’s knee.  Dr Fine envisions having yearly Sontré Events to awesome places for fellowship, Channeled Lessons, group meditation and Sontré Healings and more.  A couple of years ago, Dr Fine and some other Practitioners went to Chicago for the Amma Event (the hugging Saint) at her Ashram.  They had a blast.  See the photo gallery on this wegsite!

Take a look at the Sontré “Education” link on this website.  If you have any questions, e-mail us from the “Contact” page.  We look forward to having you come be a part of the Sontré Family.


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